Monday, June 22, 2009

So, come on, ask me a question, I will tell you no lies and I will not pull any punches. If you don't agree with me, what is wrong with you? Really, lets figure this thing out. Here are the areas I've had problems with and then I'll elaborate on each in a future post.

Cake Recipes - when to make it yourself, when to buy it made, and when to use a box mix
Types of Cake - yellow, chocolate, white, red velvet, cheese cake, carrot cake
Structure - supports, framework, columns, wire, wood, plastic, steel
Types of frosting- fondant, buttercream, royal, gum paste, cream cheese, glaze, poured fondant
Decoratons- pre-made, gum paste, fondant, royal icing, piped buttercream
Fondant- white, chocolate, marshmallow, poured
Buttercream Recipes and Problems - cooked, with eggs, with out eggs, no cook
To Freeze or not to Freeze - fresh or frozen
When to refrigerate
When to deliver the cake
How to deliver the cake
How NOT to transport the cake
What to do on site at the event and what not to do
How to fix disasters - and you will have disasters
Why you can't prevent disasters

I know there will be more, but that is a good start.


About This Blog

I am writing this blog because I have been frustrated in my efforts to create the perfect cake. Yes, I know, there can never be a perfect cake, but the finished product can be a hell of a lot better than most we amateurs - and even professionals, turn out. I call myself an amateur, because that is exactly what I am. My wife and I make cakes for special events that our friends and family have, and we don't make money in the process.

We watch every "cake challenge", "Ace of Cakes" and any other show that broadcasts cake making events and contests. What I have found out is that the REAL secrets of how to bake, decorate and deliver a cake to an event are never full explained. I intend to do that in this blog.

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