Monday, June 22, 2009

25th Anniversary Party Cake

This is a cake we made for a 25th anniversary party. It is a yellow cake with white butter cream icing, covered in white and silver fondant with a royal icing bow on top and gum paste bows and ribbons on the bottom. Designed to serve 150 people. This actually was a very successful cake with few problems because yellow cake is naturally dense and it could easily hold the weight of the small cake on top. The only caution here is about the royal icing bow on top. This type of bow is very fragile and should be supported with tissue when transporting. Have a bag of royal icing to re-attach any broken loops. The dragees (small silver dots on the fondant) are great to cover any minor problems with the fondant


About This Blog

I am writing this blog because I have been frustrated in my efforts to create the perfect cake. Yes, I know, there can never be a perfect cake, but the finished product can be a hell of a lot better than most we amateurs - and even professionals, turn out. I call myself an amateur, because that is exactly what I am. My wife and I make cakes for special events that our friends and family have, and we don't make money in the process.

We watch every "cake challenge", "Ace of Cakes" and any other show that broadcasts cake making events and contests. What I have found out is that the REAL secrets of how to bake, decorate and deliver a cake to an event are never full explained. I intend to do that in this blog.

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